The Holy Sacraments

November 11, 2016 – November 25, 2016

The Holy Sacraments

The one thing common to Christian worship through the centuries, for almost all churches in all times and places, has been the use of the sacraments. These ceremonies or symbolic acts have marked Christian worship from the very first days of the apostles until today. Denominations of churches disagree about their meaning or their form or who should receive them or even how many there are, but for almost all Christians these sacred rites both proclaim and enact the deepest truths of the Christian faith. In this Groundwork series we'll study the scriptures that inform our beliefs about the Holy Sacraments, what happens when we practice them, and their purpose in the Christian life.

Episodes in this Series

The Holy SacramentsNovember 11 , 2016

Why the Holy Sacraments?

Together let's dig into scripture to discover the meaning and purpose of the Holy Sacraments in the Christian life and what happens when we practice them. Then we'll discuss whether the sacraments produce faith or whether they require faith to be effective.

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The Holy SacramentsNovember 18 , 2016


Water is ordinary, so why do Christians think touching a person’s body with water in baptism can do such extraordinary things? Digging into scripture reveals what happens in baptism, whom it’s for, and the hope it gives to faithful believers.

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The Holy SacramentsNovember 25 , 2016

The Lord's Supper

Communion, Lord’s Supper, Mass, Eucharist…it’s one sacrament known by many names, practiced in varying forms. Join us as we study scripture to discover why Christians believe it’s an essential means of receiving Christ and experiencing his presence.

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