Judges: God's Enduring Commitment

March 8, 2019 – March 15, 2019

Judges: God's Enduring Commitment

Most of us know what it feels like to realize we’ve lost sight of what matters. Baffled, we wonder, “When did that happen?” In desperation, we cry out to God for help. Yet, no matter how long or how far we stray from God,  the stories found in the book of Judges teach us that God is faithful and rescues us when we cry out to him. In this Groundwork series, we study Judges and learn about God’s enduring commitment to his people. Through inconceivable victories and shocking stories, we see how God works through his chosen leaders to rescue and deliver his people. The book of Judges helps us understand and recognize how God continues to work in our lives and reminds us of his plan for our salvation.

Episodes in this Series

Judges: God's Enduring CommitmentMarch 8 , 2019

Our Failures and God's Rescue

Discover a compassionate God who is faithful even when we are faithless.

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Judges: God's Enduring CommitmentMarch 15 , 2019

Deborah and God's Unlikely Heroes

God can do great things with people who are committed and faithful to him, whether or not they fit the world’s description of a hero.

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