Scott Hoezee

Director, Center for Excellence in Preaching
Calvin Theological Seminary

Scott Hoezee became Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin Theological Seminary in 2005. Prior to his work at Calvin Seminary, Scott served as pastor in two western Michigan congregations in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. A graduate of Calvin Theological Seminary, Scott has authored several books including Proclaim the Wonder: Preaching Science on Sunday (2003) and Remember Creation (1998). Scott and his wife, Rosemary, have two children. He enjoys bird watching, snorkeling, and exploring the beauties and wonders of God’s great creation.

Recent Episodes featuring Scott Hoezee:

Unsung VirtuesFebruary 15 , 2019

The Gift of Mercy

Discover how we can all practice the ordinary virtue of mercy and learn why it qualifies as a unique spiritual gift.

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Unsung VirtuesFebruary 8 , 2019

The Gift of Hospitality

The Bible makes clear that being hospitable to others is an important way we all live out our faith and a particularly special way for some of us to serve God.

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1 ThessaloniansFebruary 1 , 2019

Advice for the Christian Life

Study Paul’s advice for the Christian life so that God’s love in our hearts and Christ’s work in our lives will be evident to all.

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1 ThessaloniansJanuary 25 , 2019

Understanding Death and Christ's Return

Discover what Paul teaches about the rapture and why this truth is a great expression of Christian comfort, allowing us to even experience hope during times of grief.

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1 ThessaloniansJanuary 18 , 2019

Genuine Faith Influences Behavior

The Gospel message changes people. But that change is not just internal, it's external and it influences all aspects of life.

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1 ThessaloniansJanuary 11 , 2019

Pleasing God Not People

​Should we really trust all pastors equally? What qualifies a person to share the gospel message? Paul’s guidance to the Thessalonians on authority, discernment, motivation, and our responsibility for the gospel message still speaks to us today.

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1 ThessaloniansJanuary 4 , 2019

All You Need

What prompts life transformation and faith? Hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Questions & AnswersDecember 28 , 2018

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Questions are a natural part of our faith. Join us as we discuss and seek the Bible's answers to some of the questions you've asked ​Groundwork​ this year.

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The Christmas ThreadDecember 21 , 2018

Christmas Remixed

Jesus Christ’s birth is the beginning of his triumph over evil and at Christmas, we can celebrate his victory as well as his birth.

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The Christmas ThreadDecember 14 , 2018

The Covenant Fulfilled

Explore the whispers of Christmas in Genesis, the Prophets, Luke, and Hebrews to grasp the magnitude of God’s grace in Christ’s birth and the importance of remembering God’s covenant at Christmas.

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The Christmas ThreadDecember 6 , 2018

Joy to the World

As we continue to anticipate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ this Advent season, let’s examine the Psalms to learn what his coming will bring and what it means for us and for the world.

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The Christmas ThreadNovember 30 , 2018

A Savior Foretold

The Bible's first hint of Christmas comes while Adam and Eve are still in the Garden of Eden.

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