Ruth Boven

Ruth Boven serves as minister of congregational life at LaGrave Ave. CRC in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Recent Episodes featuring Ruth Boven:

Words of ComfortAugust 23 , 2013

Comfort When We Face the End of Life

Is there anything meaningful to say when life draws to a close? Or when people are persecuted perhaps for being Christians and when their lives are made a complete misery by the cruelty of this world, is there anything to say that won’t sound trite? The Apostle Paul thought so.

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Words of ComfortAugust 16 , 2013

Comfort for the Troubled in Heart

Like parents giving final instructions to their kids before heading out for the evening, Jesus gives important truths to his disciples. Clinging to these promises can bring us comfort when worry threatens to take over.

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Words of ComfortAugust 9 , 2013

Comfort in the Wake of National or International Disasters

In the wake of large scale disasters, words of comfort are sorely needed - both for those immediately affected and for those watching events unfold. When reality is shaken, why do so many pastors turn to Psalm 46? Why does this particular Psalm bring comfort in times like these?

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Words of ComfortAugust 2 , 2013

Finding Comfort After the Death of a Loved One

Funerals and visitations are sad, sometimes difficult events. It's not uncommon to feel at a loss for words. But the Bible offers words of comfort and hope that are especially meaningful upon the loss of a loved one.

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Words of ComfortJuly 26 , 2013

Comfort in Times of Great Personal Tragedy

Being a Christian does not insulate you from hardship. So what do we say when the worst happens?

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Words of ComfortJuly 19 , 2013

Finding Comfort When We Face the Unknown

When facing our future or the unknown, it is easy to worry about the bad things that could happen to us. Most of them never do, but we still worry anyway. Let's discuss some words that can bring us encouragement and comfort when worry and fear threaten to overtake us.

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