Bob Heerspink

Rev. Bob Heerspink served along David Bast as the original hosts of Groundwork. Bob was ordained a minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church of North America in 1979, and served four churches throughout west Michigan during 26 years in the parish. He was appointed the Director of The Back to God Hour (now Back to God Ministries International) in 2006. Bob authored several resources related to congregational stewardship, including the book, Becoming a Firstfruits Congregation. He was a regular contributor to TODAY, the monthly devotional of Back to God Ministries INternational.

God took Bob to his eternal home on Saturday, October 1, 2011, after a brief battle with cancer.

Recent Episodes featuring Bob Heerspink:

Psalms: What do you say...October 21 , 2011

Memo to Self: Don't Forget God

So you’re a Christian. And you’re worried. You read the news every day. The world’s a mess, the economy doesn’t get any better, housing values keep going down. You’re worried about yourself, worried about your family, worried about your community. But you’re a Christian. So, what do you think and pray about?

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Psalms: What do you say...October 14 , 2011

When God Seems to Have Deserted You

How do we pray, how do we worship, when emotions on the outside don't match our emotions on the inside?

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Psalms: What do you say...October 7 , 2011

When Life Seems Unfair

Everybody has heard the question, Why do bad things happen to good people? But you might also ask, Why do good things happen to bad people? Or even, why do good things happen to some good people, but not to others? Do you find yourself stewing over the seeming injustices of life? What are we to think about such things? How are we to pray?

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Psalms: What do you say...September 30 , 2011

When You Think the World Is Beyond Redemption

In many ways, we separate our Christian faith from the broader world in which we live. We talk about our personal relationship with God or about Jesus as our personal Savior. We may even go so far as talk about God in relationship to the church, his group of chosen believers. Is it possible to see God as a God of government or of international affairs? What does Psalm 2 say about it?

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Psalms: What do you say...September 23 , 2011

When Things Have Gone Your Way

Times of great rejoicing frequently follow times of great hardship, like when we’ve prayed for fervently for someone waiting on medical tests, then the call comes and the test results are clear! Even simple things like receiving a scholarship or getting a promotion or the birth of a grandchild make us want to give thanks. In times like these we can feel overwhelmed by feelings of appreciation and thanksgiving. How can the Psalms help us pray in these times when life goes our way?

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Psalms: What do you say...September 16 , 2011

When You've Made a Mess of your Life

It could be a small thing…a loved one’s birthday forgotten. Or it could be much bigger…a promise not kept, a vow broken, or a life changed forever. Most of us have experienced feelings of guilt. Sometimes guilt can overwhelm us and make us feel like we can never make our lives right again. So when you feel guilty and feel like you’ve made a mess out of life, how can the book of Psalms help?

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Psalms: What do you say...September 9 , 2011

The Songbook of the Bible

Have you ever been at a loss for words when you pray? Maybe you’re feeling blessed beyond words or maybe your heart is breaking. This week on Groundwork we turn to the Psalms to express our deepest human emotions and begin a series on this song book of the Bible. Dr. Tim Brown joins us as we discuss Psalm 1 and how the Psalms can give words to our most earnest prayers.

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8th grader QuestionsJune 17 , 2011

Don't Keep the Faith; Give it Away!

Say the word "evangelism" and you'll see many different reactions on the faces of Christians. Why are there so many reactions to evangelism? Is it ever NOT appropriate to evangelize? How do we share our faith effectively?

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8th grader QuestionsJune 10 , 2011

Loving the Jerk Next Door

As Christians we hear the commands "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "Love your enemies." So how far does that love stretch and what does it look like in practice? Do we include EVERYONE in our social circles? What if they can't be trusted?

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8th grader QuestionsJune 3 , 2011

Christians & War

How should Christians respond or act to the war? Should we support it or what? If we aren't suppose to murder, why is it OK to go to war?

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8th grader QuestionsMay 27 , 2011

Gospel Unique

In a world with religious options, how do we know Christianity is true? Many of the moral teachings are the same, but are the religions the same? It's important to find assurance in these matters, we need a solid foundation on which to cultivate our faith.

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8th grader QuestionsMay 20 , 2011

The Problem with Prayer

How does prayer work? Does it make a difference? Why should we pray for things to happen if God already knows what's going to happen?

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