Law or Grace?

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Contradictory Texts

Law or Grace?

February 14, 2014   •   Ezekiel 33:19 Romans 3:20 James 2:24 Ephesians 2:8, 9 & more

For each one of us, what question could be at once more personal and of greater significance than this one: How are we saved? How can we know if we are “going to heaven,” as we sometimes put it? Is it a sheer gift of grace such that none of our good behavior adds anything to our salvation even as none of our bad behavior subtracts from it? Or are our deeds part of the salvation equation? As many of us know, you can find Bible texts to support parts of both options. Today on Groundwork as we conclude our series on contradictory Bible texts, we take up this very big, very vital question.

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