Jesus: Misunderstood and Rejected

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The Gospel of Mark

Jesus: Misunderstood and Rejected

June 21, 2019   •   Mark 3 Mark 6:1-6

Have you ever wanted to shout, “You just don’t get it!” or “You’re missing the point!”? Have you felt exasperated that someone who should understand just isn’t tracking with you? If anyone understands how you feel, it’s Jesus Christ. As Jesus began his earthly ministry, even those closest to him struggled to understand his teaching and believe in him. His family tried to take him back home. His disciples scratched their heads. The religious leaders and authorities outright rejected and plotted against him. As we continue to study the Gospel of Mark,  we find a theme of misunderstanding and rejection that helps us recognize Jesus for who he really is, so that we might believe and grow deeper in relationship with our Savior and Lord.

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