Jordan Gorveatte

What is an Audio Bible Study?

There are many ways to study the Bible: Sunday sermons, small group discussions, private devotional times—and even audio Bible studies! An audio Bible study, or Bible study podcast, is a convenient way to dig into Scripture when you’re on the go, in a group, or if you’re someone who favors auditory learning. So, what is an audio Bible study? 

While every audio Bible study is a little different, most will have these things in common:

+ Host(s)

Audio Bible studies will have at least one host or narrator, who might be a pastor, theologian, or teacher. When selecting an audio Bible study, you’ll want to make sure that the person leading the discussion is orthodox in their theology. You may want to research the background of the host or producing organization to ensure that your theological beliefs align with those that will be represented in the study.

+ Scripture Verses

Like most Bible studies, an audio Bible study will often focus on a verse or passage of Scripture. Others may focus instead on a specific theme or topic, bringing in different verses to inform or support a view. The number of verses addressed in one episode may depend on the length of the study or how deeply the hosts to choose to discuss them.

+ Discussion and Reflection 

As the hosts read through Scripture, they may focus in on certain points and discuss them further. Many will contribute personal reflections or bring in additional theological commentaries and concepts to broaden the discussion. Studies often then finish with points of practical application for life and/or a closing prayer.

+ Distribution

Audio Bible studies can be found online, on the radio, for sale in stores, or anywhere you find a podcast, like the iTunes or Google Play stores. Some studies come as a complete series, while others may be distributed weekly. 

Now that you have an understanding of what an audio Bible study is, here are some tips on how best to use one. And once you’re ready to dive in, Groundwork  has a whole archive of helpful 30-minute studies available to you for free!

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