Jordan Gorveatte

3 Audio Bible Studies for Thanksgiving

We all know that Thanksgiving can be a busy time of year. With so many plans and preparations, it can be easy to lose sight of the purpose of the holiday. 

Do you long for Thanksgiving to be more than just a day with a big dinner? Do you desire for thankfulness and gratitude to be the posture of your heart? Dive into what Scripture teaches about gratitude with these audio Bible studies from Groundwork

The Importance of Gratitude 

Originally part of a Lenten series that follows Christ’s journey to the cross, this episode discusses the story of ten men affected by leprosy in Luke 17. It’s a story that gives us language to discuss why gratitude matters, what it looks like, and how it shapes our faith.

Fostering Gratitude to Combat Envy

There are always messages in our media and culture ready to help us compare ourselves to someone else's standard of beautiful or successful. In this episode, we think about envy and how the Holy Spirit can help us battle it in our lives through the practice of gratitude.

Remaining Thankful in Dark Times

When you think of praise and gratitude, what comes to mind? Is it exuberance, smiles, and joyful singing? What about when you're grief-stricken, sad, overwhelmed, angry about injustice, and basically anything but happy? Can you praise God and be thankful then?

As you pursue gratitude and thankfulness, you might also enjoy these month-long written devotionals from our sister ministry, Today Daily Devotional: Gratitude’s Song and The Power of a Grateful Heart.

May you grow in faith and be blessed as you give thanks to God for his work in your life.

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