About Groundwork

Groundwork is a half-hour weekly audio program for radio and podcast that digs deeply into scripture as the foundation for our lives. Each week, pastors Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee cultivate our understanding of God’s Word by unpacking the richness of the Bible and applying it with insight for today’s world. Their casual conversation invites us to hear more of what God is doing in our lives. On this website, you can follow along in the discussions with the auto-scrolling transcripts, explore the episode and series library, and gain new perspective on the Groundwork Blog.

Combining over 130 years of Christian broadcasting, Groundwork is a joint project from Words of Hope and ReFrame Media. Hosts Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee together share over 50 years of pastoral ministry. Groundwork is produced by Courtney Jacob.

Who Makes Groundwork?

See God's Story in Your Life

Groundwork is a production of ReFrame Media, the English-language mission of Back to God Ministries International. We produce a family of gospel resources online and on the air, all in order to invite you to see in a new way what God is already doing in your life. God restores and renews, and when God's story enters into your life, your whole life is reframed by the gospel.


Reframing Life with God's Story

Back to God Ministries International uses a variety of media to reframe lives around the globe with God’s story. After more than 75 years, our mission remains to share the gospel, disciple believers, and strengthen the church through media resources in ten major world languages. We invite you to celebrate God’s story in your life and join us in sharing the good news with people around the world.


Proclaiming Jesus Christ through broadcasting

For more than 70 years Words of HOPE has pursued a single, well-defined mission: To proclaim Jesus Christ through broadcasting in the languages of the world’s peoples, seeking with our partners in ministry to build the church by winning the uncommitted to faith in Christ and by encouraging Christians in the life of discipleship. Today, in more than 30 languages on five continents, Words of Hope proclaims Jesus Christ by radio to a potential audience of staggering size. Together with our broadcast partners, we are closing in on our goal to make the gospel accessible by radio in the “heart language” of all the world’s peoples.



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