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The Fruit of the SpiritMay 18 , 2018

The Fruit of Peace

What do we really long for when we wish for peace? Is that the kind of peace God offers? Together let's discern what it means to be a person who bears the spiritual fruit of peace.

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The Fruit of the SpiritMay 11 , 2018

The Fruit of Joy

In light of the sadness and tragedy in our world, being joyful can seem challenging, if not impossible. Discover where true joy is found, what it looks like, and how Christians can experience this fruit of the Spirit in daily life, no matter our present circumstances.

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The Fruit of the SpiritMay 4 , 2018

The Fruit of Love

Learn about a lasting love that satisfies our deepest needs and discover the characteristics of God's love, which helps us understand what it means to be Christians bearing the fruit of love in our daily lives.

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Recent Series

May 4, 2018 – May 18, 2018

The Fruit of the Spirit

What does it mean to be a Christian? What does it look like to have Christ in you? In his letter to the Galatians, the Apostle Paul offers a profound, yet simple list of nine Christian characteristics: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Any astute observer will quickly notice how the fruit of the Spirit, as Paul identifies them, stand in stark contrast to many of our current cultural distinctives. This Groundwork series seeks to understand each of the nine qualities as they are described and understood in scripture, as well as look at what they mean for those of us who identify as Christians, and how we can live as those who know Jesus Christ and are filled with his Holy Spirit.

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February 16, 2018 – March 31, 2018

The Last Teachings of Christ

During the week prior to his crucifixion, Jesus Christ spent his time teaching in the temple, engaging questions from his disciples and religious teachers, and providing important guidance for the future. In this Groundwork series we'll examine the final lessons and admonitions Jesus Christ imparted to his followers before his death to gain valuable insight about how God wants our faith to guide our thoughts and our actions and how God wants us to engage in the world.

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January 5, 2018 – February 9, 2018

Epiphany and God's Mission

After Christmas comes Epiphany. What is the season of Epiphany and why do Christians think it's so important to observe it? In this Groundwork series we study the Bible stories behind the meaning of Epiphany and discover God's mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all people. Together, we'll study the development of the early church in scripture to learn how we can better work together as Christians today as we participate in God's mission to bring salvation to the ends of the earth.

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